BraunAbility E Series Wheelchair Lift

The E-Series is the next generation workhorse from a brand that is synonymous with high-quality wheelchair lifts. Trusted for over 40 years, BraunAbility has reinvented the wheelchair lift. A modern take on simple, effective and reliable. But there’s one thing about the E-Series that is more than meets the eye. Its superior platform stability.

Premium Rigidity

We have revolutionised the rigidity of the platform making a performance improvement of 300 percent. The closed box design in the parallel arms is what enables this increase in rigidity.

On a standard wheelchair lift with dual parallel arms, the platform will deflect under uneven loads causing it to sway and skew. This can make anyone on the platform uneasy or even scared. Keep in mind that just by being on the platform you are already in a vulnerable position.

The E-Series wheelchair lifts completely change this, providing a stable and comfortable user experience.

Designed to be a workhorse.

These lifts are built to be simple and reliable. To function every time they are used, regardless if it’s multiple times a day or once a year. Whether hot or cold, rain or snow, the E-Series lifts will provide accessibility in vehicles to people all over the world.

The goal of the E-Series is to be the essential lift. There are no unnecessary or costly exclusive features. The design is simple and spare parts are universally interchangeable over the entire series. As an added bonus this design also means fewer points of potential failure and fewer points of service.

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