Dahl Docking System

Dahl Engineering sets again new standards for flexibility and safety!

We are happy to announce that we can now offer two different types of docking stations, which can be used for numerous different transportation needs. Besides the docking station MK II, we can now also offer an electrical height adjustable docking station, by the name of Dahl VarioDock, which also can be used for anchoring our seats. Almost all the wheelchairs, which have been tested with our Dahl Docking Station MK II, are compatible with Dahl VarioDock.

Dahl Engineering’s Docking System provides a previously unseen flexibility and safety for wheelchair users.

The Docking System is the first system on the market to be tested and TÜV certified in accordance with EU safety requirements for cars (M1).

In testing, the docking station has proved to be so strong that it can withstand a load corresponding to a wheelchair weight of more than 200 kg + passenger provided that the safety belt is installed in the traditional manner in the floor of the vehicle.

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