Freedom Mobility Disability Driving Vehicle

Freedom Mobility Disability Driving Controls

“Access to the world”

Freedom Mobility’s disability driving vehicle will allow you to experience the latest disability driving controls.  Together with Total Ability, Australia’s exclusive distributor of Fadiel Italiana products, we are proud to be able to offer this service to the people of Central Queensland. 

Are you learning to drive for the first time? Or wanting to return to driving with the assistance of disability controls? We would like to provide you with a pathway, to drive on your own, in your own vehicle.  Working together with Occupational Therapists and local Driving Schools, we can help make your driving goal a reality.

Freedom Mobility disability driving vehicle features:

  • Fadiel Italiana Satellite Accelerator and Brake Leaver
  • Fadiel Italiana Trigger Accelerator and Brake Leaver
  • Fadiel Italiana Left Foot Accelerator
  • Fadiel Italiana Spinner Knob
  • Lodgesons Wireless Keypad Controls
  • Dual Controls

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