FAT Dual Controls

The pedal kit for driving school vehicles.

The pedal kit is made to fit any vehicle that has a brake, clutch and accelerator pedal, with small adaptations you can control the original pedals and intervene or train a learning driver. In even the most compact car the cables can be fitted, due to flexibility and small diameter, for a MPV, jeep, bus or truck you use longer cables. The Bowden cable is fitted with a nylon liner to smoothen the use of the inner stainless steel cable that is used to pull on the original pedals.

FAT dual controls are a Dutch based company that is totally dedicated to the manufacturing of a cable operated dual control, extra pedals for driving instruction.  They are proud to have so many dealers, some of them use different names for the product, like: Dualbrake, Fast dual control, Pedaly, Doble Mando, Doppelbedienung, Doble Commandos and so on.

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