Fadiel Italiana Accelerator

The ultimate 2-handed driving solution.

The Satellite Accelerator is for the driver who wants to maintain both hands on the wheel when driving. The unit is worn like a glove and acceleration is achieved by lightly pressing the thumb against a small lever allowing intuitive control over the operation of your car’s speed in all driving conditions.

Whether you are driving long distances, around tight curves or executing difficult manoeuvres, the Satellite Accelerator available in wired or wireless models, makes agile, smooth, reactive, and safe driving easy.

The Satellite Accelerator is generally paired with the Brake Lever.

The Trigger Accelerator and Brake Lever is operated by pushing the lever for brake and pulling the trigger for acceleration. It offers an easy transition to electronic controls for the driver familiar with the traditional mechanical Push-Pull hand control.

The light action of the trigger eliminates fatigue and provides the option of holding the steering wheel with two hands while controlling the accelerator trigger with the little finger.

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