VOSS subsidy for Vehicle Modification

Vehicle purchase and modification

The Vehicle Options Subsidy Scheme (VOSS) offers subsidies to assist people with a disability to buy and modify private vehicles.
The scheme provides financial assistance towards:

  • purchase of a private vehicle (already modified or suitable to be modified)
  • private vehicle modifications or accessories
  • driver training
  • detailed assessment and prescription by a registered VOSS prescriber.

You can choose to apply either as a driver or as a passenger in a car driven by a family member or carer.


To access assistance under VOSS, you must:

  • be a Queensland resident
  • be under 65 years of age
  • have a permanent disability with a reduced capacity for communication, social interaction, learning, mobility or self-care/management.

You are not eligible if you are entitled to assistance from other government-funded programs, or compensation related to your disability.

The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services (DCCSDS) determines if you are eligible for VOSS. Contact your local DCCSDS service centre for assessment.

Subsidy amounts and criteria

VOSS will provide subsidy funding up to a set amount for 5 years. The subsidy amount varies according to the type of assistance required. These limits and the assessment criteria are listed in the Subsidy Levels section of the Vehicle Options Subsidy Scheme Guidelines (PDF, 393KB).

If your vehicle or modifications cost more than the subsidy amount, you will need to pay the extra money. VOSS does not cover motor vehicle repairs, ongoing running or maintenance costs.

How to apply

Once you have been assessed by DCCSDS, contact the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS), who will provide a list of registered VOSS prescribers in your area. The prescriber will help you to choose a suitable vehicle for purchase and/or modifications, and to complete and submit the application form.

There are two types of applications:

If your application is approved, MASS will contact you and your prescriber to purchase the vehicle or modifications you have decided on.

More information

Contact VOSS for information about applying for funding:

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