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Assisted Driver Products and Information

Freedom Mobility are committed to assisting the needs of individuals with driving independence.  
For daily travel the private vehicle comes closest to full mobility.
Freedom Mobility offer a diverse range of products and vehicle modifications to assist in mobility and driving independence.
We have a diverse range of products for individuals who require assisted driving.

Whatever your needs, we are certain to have a quality solution to improve your independence in mobility.
Contact us if you have any questions.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Vehicle Adaptations & Modifications 
 accessibility solutions for wheelchair users.

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Getting In & Out of Your Car

Vehicle Transfer Aids
for assisting getting in & out of the car.

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Seating Comfort

Transfer Seats, Harnesses & Headrests
for  independence & comfort of  driver & passenger.

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Driving in a wheelchair

Driving in a Wheelchair

Self Drive Systems
for driving in a wheelchair

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Independent Driving

Assisted Driver Controls

Driver Assistance Systems
to assist in special needs driving

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Hoists lifts and ramps

Hoists, Lifts and Ramps

Wheelchair Storage in your Vehicle
for a range of vehicles & needs

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Posture Belts

Behavioural and Postural Harnesses

Safety Harnesses & Restraints
for the safety of you and your passengers

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Seat Belt Buckle Covers

Prevent Seat Belts
from accidently being undone.

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Dual Controls

Dual Controls for Learner Drivers

Driver Instructor Controls 
to access driver pedals from the passenger seat.

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Information on disabilities and injuries

Information on Disabilities & Injuries

Solutions and Products
for various kinds of disabilities, illnesses and injury.

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Driver Assessment

Driver Testing Stations
to assess and individuals abilities as a driver.

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daily living mobility aids

Daily Living Assistance

Assistance for Daily Living 
making life & mobility easier

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