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Spinal Cord Injury (tetraplegia, paraplegia)

Hand control for accelerator/brake, mounted on floor or steering wheel and available with controls for indicators, windscreen wash/wipe, full/dipped beam. The horn and cruise control can also be relocated 
to the hand control if the driver has no or impaired leg function. Accelerate and brake using a lever on the steering wheel rim or on the floor. The car must have an automatic gearbox.

Arm-rest on the driver’s seat to provide support when driving using the hasnd control. Using an arm-rest can lighten the load during driving, making it a more comfortable experience, particularly when driving long distances.  Accelerator ring mounted on steering wheel. The accelerator ring is mounted below the car’s original steering wheel and is used to manoeuvre  the accelerator pedal while the driver’s hands are on the wheel. The advantage is that both hands are on the steering wheel while accelerating and steering the vehicle. This assistive device is ideal for drivers with impaired or no leg function.  Extra light power steering for those who find it hard turning the wheel. This adaptation makes it easier for people who find it difficult to turn the wheel, for example in built-up areas. Please note that light power steering is not available for all car models.  Vacuum-assisted braking is used to reduce the braking resistance. This type of braking is designed for drivers who find it difficult to press down the brake by foot, or who have impaired arm power when braking with a hand lever.

Strap to close the driver’s door or boot.  
Fitted between the driver’s door and dashboard to enable the driver to grab the strap and close the door once in the driver’s seat (works very well in 3-door cars with large doors). The strap is mounted between the floor and lid of the boot and is used to close the boot while sitting in a wheelchair.  The strap automatically retracts once the boot is closed.  Extra handles to make it easier to get in and out of the car. The handles can  be positioned at various points in the vehicle as required.

Foot slip prevention device to stop feet sliding  beneath the pedals. If there is a risk of feet sliding away when driving the   car using the hand control, an anti-slip device can be fitted to prevent feet slipping beneath the pedals. If the driver has a degree of spasticity and his or her feet could slip beneath the brake pedal, there is a high risk of being unable to brake when necessary.  

The wheel spinner QR is a device which makes is easier to turn the steering wheel using one hand only. QR (Quick Release) means the spinner is detachable. Wheel spinners are often used in combination with a hand control. There are various types of wheel spinner, such as a tetra-grip which has three or two individually adjustable buttons that can be set to suit the user’s wrist and grip.  The wheel spinner with remote  control is combined with a transmitter that can be operated by fingertip while manoeuvring the steering wheel to operate indicators, windscreen wash/wipe, dipswitch, horn and hazard lights. The benefit of this product is that the driver can steer the car and handle the car’s primary electrical functions with one hand. The wheel spinner is easy to attach and detach.

Anatomically designed seats provide good support and the ability to modify the seat position electrically. Makes it easier to move from wheelchair to car seat.  The ability to modify the seat position reduces the risk of injury from sitting in one position for a long time, which is good for blood circulation and also reduces the risk of concentrated pressure on the seat bones, for example.  The Turnout swivel base is designed for users who find it difficult to get in and out of the car. The swivel base and seat swing out beyond the threshold, making it easier to move from a wheelchair or rollator to the seat. The swivel base is also ideal for people with walking difficulties who find it difficult getting into and out of the car.  The sliding plate mounted over the threshold of the car is used to make it easier to move between the car seat and wheelchair. A mounted sliding plate also greatly reduces the risk of falling or sliding onto the threshold or ground as it cannot slide away during transfer.  Wheelchair lifts are used for high vehicles, such as minivans and MPVs, in order to lift people sitting in manual or power wheelchairs into the vehicle and transfer them to the driver’s seat or passenger seat efficiently.  It is important to know the total height when seated in the wheelchair in order to choose a vehicle with the right interior height.  The Chrysler Grand Voyager Entervan with lowered floor provides direct access to the driver’s area thanks to an electric ramp that folds out the side  of the vehicle. Often used for wheelchair users who want to stay in their power  wheelchair to drive the vehicle. A button-operated electric wheelchair lock can be used to attach the wheelchair stably and securely.

Pneumatic (air-powered) boot door openers are ideal for those who find it difficult to open or close the boot or rear hatch. The opening/closing function is operated by a button or remote control. A pneumatic door opener has the benefit of allowing the boot door to be opened or closed manually, without increased resistance, by those with poor gripping ability or impaired mobility.  Remote control (control panel) for operating doors, hoist and ramp, etc. Ideal for those who find it difficult to keep a grip on a handle or lift a ramp, for example.  Electric gear selector. An electrical manoeuvring system for people who find it hard to change gear. Button-operated function enables automatic gear changes.  The control box can be positioned to suit the user.

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Whiplash Injury

The Adaptyseat has 12 different functions to obtain an optimal seating position.  The seat can be inclined forward or back, and be raised or lowered. The front  part of the seat is divided so the thigh supports can be angled separately, to vary the seating position during long drives.  The thigh supports’ adjustability can also be used to reduce the risk of slipping while in the seat. The back support is also fitted with an electric swayback support. The Adaptyseat is often used for various types of adaptations for people who have problems with aches and back problems arising from sitting  for long periods.

Recaro seats are designed to help vary the seating position. Recaro seats are often equipped with good side bolsters and seat-depth extensions. Some of the chairs have low side bolsters to assist mounting and dismounting.  The bucket seat cushion provides good support for the back and seat  section if the road is uneven.  Interior mirrors, wide-angle mirrors are ideal for those who find it difficult turning their head when joining a motorway or reversing, for example.

Seat belt grip makes it easier to get hold of the belt. Once installed, the user no longer has to turn his or her body so much to get hold of the belt.  Extra light power steering makes it easier to turn the steering wheel. This adaptation is often carried out for drivers with impaired function in the arms and shoulders, such as people with rheumatism. (Please note this adaptation is not possible on all car models.)  Electric sun shield for people who have difficulty raising their arms to fold down the sun shield. Operated by a button fitted in a position agreed with the user.  Reversing aid warning system, reversing monitor. Developed for people who  find it difficult to turn around while reversing a car. The reverse warning has small lights and sound signals to indicate proximity when reversing, and releases a signal if there is something behind the vehicle. The reversing monitor comprises a TV screen and camera mounted on the back of the car. The TV screen shows the situation behind the vehicle and the remaining distance.

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Hand control for accelerator/brake mounted on floor or steering wheel. Designed for people with amputated or impaired function in the legs. The car must have an automatic gearbox. Left-side accelerator pedal.  Fitted left of the brake pedal for people with function in their left leg but no or impaired function in their right leg. The car must have an automatic gearbox.  Sliding board. Fixed, mounted sliding boards are used to reduce the risk of falling between the seat and wheelchair during transfers into and out of the car. Mounted on the threshold and easy to remove once in the car seat.

Turnout swivel base. The swivel base makes life easier for people with problems getting in and out of the car. The swivel base and seat swing out over the edge of the threshold, reducing the distance when transferring from a rollator or wheelchair, for example. One major advantage is that the user can sit close to the back support without turning the body. The swivel base is available with manual or electric operation. Electric turning is recommended for people transferring into and out of the car themselves.

Turny height-adjustable car seat lift. Turny is used for high-sill vehicles. Turny swivels the car seat out through the door opening and lowers it to enable a comfortable sideways transfer to and from the seat. One advantage with the Turny function is that the whole seat is outside the vehicle, and makes it possible to place the wheelchair next to the seat for sideways transfers. Turny is also ideal to help with raising as the height is set with a simple press of the button. Turny is available with manual or electric operation.

Carony dockable wheelchair, available in a 12" transport version or with 24" driving wheels. The Carony wheelchair can be used with a Turnout swivel base or Turny car seat lift. The main advantage of the Carony system is that a person can be transferred directly from the home or workplace to the vehicle, and dock the system without having to lift the person manually. The seat and person are transferred directly from the wheelchair to the swivel base in the car. The Carony system boasts a variety of accessories such as various leg supports, thigh supports, body supports, neck supports, anti-tipping devices, swayback supports, arm-rests and alternative seats. The accessories are used to optimise the user’s seating position both in the wheelchair and in the car.  Boot hoists for lifting manual and power wheelchairs. A wheelchair hoist fitted in the boot makes it easier to lift a wheelchair into the car. The hoist uses a coupling system to lift and turn the wheelchair into the luggage space. Hoists available with lifting capacity from 25 kg (for manual wheelchairs, rollators, prams etc.) up to 180 kg for power wheelchairs or scooters (electric mopeds).

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Restricted Growth

Steering wheel adaptations, change to a smaller steering wheel to ensure the right grip on the wheel.  Pedal adaptations raise the pedals if the user is unable to reach them. If  people of different heights drive the same vehicle, the pedals can be made height adjustable. The pedals can also be made to detach easily if there will be people driving the car with the original pedals.  Seat adaptations, production of back support inserts to reduce the seat depth.

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