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Freedom Mobility specialises in the area of motor vehicle occupant protection and provides a range of services in this area. These include provision of:

  • Testing and certification
  • Seats and seat belts
  • Dickie seats
  • Existing seat modifications
  • Special needs vehicles
  • and other related services.

Freedom Mobility provide technical support and advice on the correct use and installation of seat belts and car baby seat safety restraint systems. 

From time to time or when there are new child restraints available in the market place.  There is a Child Restraint Evaluation Program (CREP) where restraints are independently purchased and tested under various criteria that are more rigorous than the Australian Standards for child restraints (AS1754).  It should be noted that Australian Standards for child restraints (AS1754) is one of the world's most demanding standards for child safety restraints.  However, CREP criteria are wider including simulation of different accident scenarios, ease of use and installation etc.

A safety and ease of use rating is given to each child restraint that are included in a brochure produced by NSW Centre for Road Safety.  This document also provides advice and information of the correct use of all types of child restraints.  You can download the latest copy of this brochure here - Safer Child Restraints.

The following (PDF) documents provide further information on child safety and restraints:

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