Freedom Mobility can arrange to certify roll cages, harnesses and other Motor Sport related components or modification.
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Getting Certified by a Recognised Engineering Signatory

In most States of Australia, when a production vehicle is modified in a manner that affects its original compliance with the Australian Design Rules (ADRs), it must be certified by a recognised engineering signatory. The signatory will examine the modification and ensures that all changes continue to meet the ADRs and related local motor vehicle regulations. This is to ensure a minimum safety standards are adhered to and to validate the vehicle's registration. The certificate is a legal document that can also be used for insurance purposes.

engine modifications
  • Engine, gear box, wheels, bonnet scoops, diffs
  • Emission control components
    • (injection systems, carburetor, air filters)
  • Turbo and supercharging
  • Braking system modifications
  • Seat and seat belt changes
  • Conversions for the disabled


Imported Vehicles

We provide engineering certification and vehicle modification services to achieve compliance of imported vehicles with the ADRs. Depending on the specific requirements of States (in Australia), all imported vehicles must prove compliance with the requirements of ADRs before they could be registered. For this purpose (in most cases) an engineering certificate for the particular vehicle is required. We also provide all engineering and quality assurance consultation for Low Volume vehicle importer under the new Registered Automotive Workshop (RAW) scheme as administered by the Federal Department Of Transport and Regional Services (DOTARS).

Imported Vehicles
Engine, gear box, wheels, bonnet scoops, diffs

Individually Constructed Vehicles

These include Kit Cars as well as vehicle with chassis modification. In New South Wales all such vehicles must show compliance with all the ADRs and motor traffic regulations that are current at the time of registration. Mobility Engineering provides complete consultation and certification services for such vehicles. These may also include Motor Cycles as well as Solar and Electrically Powered Vehicles


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