Dual Pedal Controls for Driving Schools and Instructors
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Dual Controls allow the instructor to apply the accelerator, brake or clutch while in the passenger seat.
This allows the instructor to take control in the event of any danger and to demonstrate the mechanics of driving to the student.
Dual controls are integral tools for any school or instructor aiming to give driving lessons. 

M.E Dual Controls
M.E Dual controls superior quality can be fitted in virtually any car from
 sedans,  4WD and trucks.

- Heavy Duty Steel Construction
- Long cables and housing allows for use on trucks and other large vehicles.
- Comes in an economical 'Brake Only' option or a "Brake and Accelerator" option. 
- A Manual Transmission option with an additional clutch pedal.
- Nylon pulleys with ball bearings eliminate wear on cable wires.
- Superior European Design. 
- Tested to strict European standards (applicable in Australia) so you can be confident in its safety and quality. 


Dual Controls
Dual Control Pedals

Custom Made Dual Controls

While the ME Dual Controls are quite universal, there is the rare occassion where the vehicle is incompatible. In such an occassion, we offer our own custom made dual controls, where we are able to manufacture one to directly suit your vehicle. We are able to fit any combination of pedals for your passenger seat. This means that you do not have to have all 3 pedals installed if you only require one or two. Our unique custom made dual controls provide comparable quality to the other dual controls at a competitve price. 

Additional services we offer for dual controls  
If you have had a dual control installed previously and needed it to be re-fitted into a different vehicle we will be able to do this for you or provide a dual control to suit the new vehicle.
We are also able to remove dual controls from a car if you require it.

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